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The Neutral Mind

“Knowledge becomes wisdom when you experience it with your own heart and being; when it becomes your personal experience.”
Yogi Bhajan

Experiences are what touch our hearts, what create our memories, our passions, our desires our dislikes. Knowledge is not the same as experiences, knowledge may influence experiences but does not result in our experiences. Every person is responsible for managing their own state of awareness and finding ways to deal with these increasing highs and constant levels of stress in order to not miss out or change the experiences that appear in our path of life.

“As you think, so you are. The mind guides your actions and emotions. If you do not have a good road map, you do not know where you are going.”
Yogi Bhajan

Our attachments to the past and the fear of failure and our “Self” are what block our growth to recognize the potential in each one of us. Yoga assists individuals in finding that clarity in their minds, which allows you to see things from a new perspective that will support your growth in your life. In order to grow, we must operate from a point of a neutral mind, which allows us to face and enjoy the ups and downs and constant changes of all of our lives.  With a neutral mind you are able to face challenges and understand difficulties that will pass and that there is a lesson to be learned in almost every aspect of your life. Yoga helps us to train this neutral mind in order to not respond to events or experiences in our lives where we respond with subconscious patterns and allows us to see what is truly of value to each of us.

“Ask yourself, what is my aim in life? We are so caught up in the day to day demands of life that we do not know how to really experience living.”
Yogi Bhajan

Things like unintentional sickness (when we know our actions will lead to illness but we do not change), insecurity and self belittlement can limit our ability to realize our infinite potential. Every person has the capacity within themselves to change their lives, and to accomplish everything that they want. There is no “never” or “impossible” in life, all of these are limitations of our potential. By overcoming that limitation we can be successful in whatever we pursue and accomplish what ever we set our minds to.

So step back & reflect on your life, what experiences do you want to have, what do you want to share with your children or grandchildren. What in your life makes you proud to be you? Only you have the power to make your life everything that you want it to be.

What do you do to overcome the “impossible”? What steps do you take to achieve your goals?


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